Hand Embellished Prints

A selection of framed canvas prints, overpainted and gold leafed to make them glisten! Nobody will question if they're an original or not!

Whats Poppin'?

London, here I come!

I’m paving the way for an exciting exhibition/ pop-up in central London in 2022! Watch this space but expect a lot more of this urban street stye art with swathes of colour and of course, gold leaf!

Cosmic range out soon!

Watch this space for the new series of milky-way magic! Colourful galaxies, supernovas and everything in between.... however it's still all matter at the moment...

Go large or go home!

Bigger is better when it comes to my new supersized XL prints. The quality is truly fabulous and the statement they make on a clean wall is sure to be a talking point in any room or space.