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Originals by Tiffany Anna Art. Dripping in gold leaf, embellished in gems and with extra colour. One-off pieces!

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Skullage 💀
Skullage 💀 Sale price£1,600.00
Barry the Bee 🐝
Barry the Bee 🐝 Sale price£1,700.00
Breeze the Bee 🐝Breeze the Bee 🐝
Breeze the Bee 🐝 Sale price£1,600.00
Lady Larissa the Holographic Lobster 🦞 OriginalLady Larissa the Holographic Lobster 🦞 Original
Calypso the Holographic Jellyfish 🪼 OriginalCalypso the Holographic Jellyfish 🪼 Original
Zelda the Lobster 🦞 OriginalZelda the Lobster 🦞 Original
Zelda the Lobster 🦞 Original Sale price£7,000.00
Sold outI Peel Good 🍌 Original SOLDI Peel Good 🍌 Original SOLD
I Peel Good 🍌 Original SOLD Sale price£1,500.00
Sold outLimited Edition Mini Holographic Strawberry - SOLDLimited Edition Mini Holographic Strawberry - SOLD
This Sh*t is Bananas 🍌 OriginalThis Sh*t is Bananas 🍌 Original
Pop My Cherry 🍒 OriginalPop My Cherry 🍒 Original
Pop My Cherry 🍒 Original Sale price£5,500.00
Clawdia the Pink Lobster 🦞 OriginalClawdia the Pink Lobster 🦞 Original
Sold outBlaze the Phoenix King 🔥 Original - SOLDBlaze the Phoenix King 🔥 Original - SOLD
Jazz the Jellyfish OriginalJazz the Jellyfish Original
Jazz the Jellyfish Original Sale price£3,200.00
Original Rose Gold Bernadette the BeeOriginal Rose Gold Bernadette the Bee
Bernard the Bee OriginalBernard the Bee Original
Bernard the Bee Original Sale price£6,200.00
Original Graffiti BeeOriginal Graffiti Bee
Original Graffiti Bee Sale price£5,000.00
Sold outIris the Emu Original - SOLDIris the Emu Original - SOLD
Iris the Emu Original - SOLD Sale price£7,500.00
Te Fiti the Tiger OriginalTe Fiti the Tiger Original
Te Fiti the Tiger Original Sale price£8,000.00
Prometheus the Peacock OriginalPrometheus the Peacock Original
Prometheus the Peacock Original Sale price£8,000.00
Sold outSOLD - Original Zion the Zebra
SOLD - Original Zion the Zebra Sale price£8,200.00
Original Florian the Flamingo 🦩Original Florian the Flamingo 🦩
Original Stella the SwanOriginal Stella the Swan
Original Stella the Swan Sale price£8,000.00
Original Sass King 👑Original Sass King 👑
Original Sass King 👑 Sale price£5,500.00
Original Brady the Bee
Original Brady the Bee Sale price£4,500.00
Speak No Evil Monkey OriginalSpeak No Evil Monkey Original
Speak No Evil Monkey Original Sale price£5,300.00