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Article: All About Tiff!!

All About Tiff!!

All About Tiff!!


All About Tiff!!

Tiffany has been an independent artist ever since launching her first pieces in 2020, and has achieved astounding success representing herself in the art world. 

Tiffany Anna is a Guernsey born artist whose vivid and vibrant use of color is signature to her acrylic masterpieces. This bright palette is complemented beautifully by her use of pigmented spray paint, gemstones, and pure gold leaf. Painting with a bold and powerful brush onto large scale canvases, her main focus is wild animals. Tiffany’s secondary inspiration comes from the cosmos, as she aims to take her audience on a journey through space and time with her unique and spectral fusions of bright colors. Ultimately, she aims to transcend the ordinary. Tiffany’s artistic ethic is that ‘Art doesn’t need to be serious…it just needs to make you smile’. With this in mind, she strives to bring her audience into the radiant and euphoric happiness of her art, cultivated through her bright and ballsy use of colour. 

Tiffany launched her brand through multiple pop-up shops and exhibitions on the island in 2021, and later branched out to open displays in UK social capitals including Chelsea and Central London. After featuring on Sky News’ Big Ideas broadcast in 2021, Tiffany was invited to display two consecutive exhibitions to mark the reopening of the inaugural Battersea power station during their Festival of Power.  Tiffany has since ventured into the NFT digital art world, selling her one-off physically backed NFT collections with sensational success. Most recently, Tiffany’s acrylic masterpieces were unveiled in the famed Raffles nightclub in London to mark the re-opening of the club's famed VIP section. This May, Tiffany travelled to New York to showcase at the Clio Art Fair, making her US debut!

Over the past six months the international reach of Tiffany’s work has astronomically increased. She has a strong following of 203k+ on Instagram, and has reached over 8.8 million people on Instagram and a further 3.3 million on Facebook in the past 90 days alone. 

Join Tiff on her AMAZING journey through the World of Art!!!

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