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Article: TA x Battersea Power Station '23

TA x Battersea Power Station '23

TA x Battersea Power Station '23

TA x Battersea Power Station '23

On Monday 6th March at Battersea Power Station, Tiffany Anna unveiled her new showcase of bright and striking works of acrylic. 

Reworking the two window exhibits she created last October for the ‘Festival of Power’, Tiffany’s timeless collection of Bees glided into her space on the lower veranda. Evolutions of these Bees have remained a constant feature in Tiffany's creative journey, from her earliest to her most recent works. This perennial presence makes them the perfect complement to the debut of Tiffany’s brand new metallic collection which has now overtaken the remaining windows, collectively adding a truly gleaming golden lustre to the space.

You can follow Tiffany’s vivid acrylic path along the Upper Ground East of the Station, next to control room B. The progression of the work displayed in these windows, from housing their current noble collection of regal panthers to their launch of Tiffany’s new collection backed onto breathtaking gold itself, is a beautiful and tangible representation of how Tiffany’s work is continuously moving up in the world.

Since her first launch at the opening of Battersea Power Station, the international reach of Tiffany’s work has astronomically increased. With a strong following of 140k on Instagram, which continues to increase by the day, her joyful and exuberant creations have reached over 3.7 million people around the world in the past month alone.

However, Tiffany’s underlying message remains the same. As is written on her windowed exhibits, her essential ethic is that ‘Art doesn’t need to be serious…it just needs to make you smile’. Tiffany strives to bring her audience into the radiant and euphoric happiness of her art, cultivated through her bright and ballsy use of color.

These spectacular works of art will only be exhibited until the end of May, so make sure you find the time to drop in over the next few weeks! If you decide you simply cannot see these acrylic masterpieces leave, they will also be available to purchase from Tiffany's Website. To see this beautiful exhibit up close, see Tiffany's latest Instagram reels!


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Circus Road W, Nine Elms, London SW11 8AL, UK

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