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Article: TA x Clio Art Fair NYC '23

TA x Clio Art Fair NYC '23

TA x Clio Art Fair NYC '23

TA x Clio Art Fair NYC '23!! 

Renowned Guernsey Artist, Tiffany Anna, has launched her platform into orbit this May as she made her USA debut at the famed Clio Art Fair in New York!

Nestled between The High Line and the Hudson River, the Clio Art Fair celebrates leading international artists from around the globe. Described as a ‘3 Delight Among the Art Fairs in NYC' by The New York Times, and a ‘Must-See Show’ by the International Art Magazine ArtForum, it is an event not to be missed.

Tiffany was invited to showcase six pieces in Clio’s famed 10-foot high gallery layout. Overtaking the main space, Tiffany partnered her regal yet playful Pink Panther with her bold metallic Prometheus the Peacock. These pieces were beautifully complemented by her new Golden Bee and her timeless classic Busta the Bee, which both glided into the final wall space. Tiffany also brought one of her groundbreaking Mini Cosmos originals, specially embellished with glowing ultraviolet acrylic. The last piece to join this set was Louisa the Langoustine, who showed off the bright and vibrant nature of even the smallest of Tiffany’s pieces. 

Tiffany also brought back her VR art experience at the Fair, providing an immersive interactive experience where visitors could travel into the metaverse and view more of her stunning collections!

This innovative and ‘True New Yorker’ Fair was the first of its kind to accept the primary crypto-values as a form of payment in 2017: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. This acts so as to further Tiffany’s already thriving breakthrough into the digital metaverse and NFT arena, after her initial 1:1 physically backed NFT collection launch in 2022

Deriving its name from the Greek mythological muse Kleio, whose root means ‘to celebrate’ or ‘to make famous’, the Clio Art Fair works with artists without exclusive gallery representation to truly launch their work into the stratosphere. Founder Alessandro Berni ‘guarantees a fair with excellent discoveries from all over the world’.

This is a journey not to be missed.


Notes to Media:

18th-21st May

550 West 29th Street, Manhattan, New York, NY 10001





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