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Article: TA x Sky News 'Big Ideas Live' '22

TA x Sky News 'Big Ideas Live' '22

TA x Sky News 'Big Ideas Live' '22

TA x Sky News 'Big Ideas Live' '22


Hosted by Sarah-Jane Mee (Sky News presenter) and Tom Clarke (Sky News Science and Technology Editor), 'Big Ideas Live' explores the revolutionary tech changes that are happening around us and what they might mean for our future. From robotics dogs used to navigate environments too dangerous for people, to exploring the ethics of the off-side rule with World Cup VAR experts Hawk-Eye, this one-day event explores the latest advancements in tech and innovation!


Tiffany will feature on this Live Broadcast to showcase her illustrious 'Romulus and Remus duo! This double canvas exhibit is embellished with UV paint, adding another dimension to the already transcendent piece. This paint is activated by UV rays, giving the paintings a completely different look from day to night.


Romulus and Remus is the headliner of Tiffany's beautiful cosmos collection. Hugely inspired by the cosmic, Tiffany has taken a journey through space and time by creating her cosmos pieces which are quite simply out of this world. Here, she has created spectral pieces with fusions of bright colours and textures, allowing you to accompany her beyond galaxies and transcend the ordinary. 


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