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Article: 'Welcome to the Jungle' Exhibit '21

'Welcome to the Jungle' Exhibit '21

'Welcome to the Jungle' Exhibit '21

Welcome to the Jungle '21!!


Welcome to the Jungle is the second exhibition in the pipeline for Tiffany Anna!


This year’s exhibition theme was born from Tiffany's research into interesting and quirky wallpaper and wall hangings. It dramatically evolved from her initial idea of exotic birds to an all-encompassing jungle theme.  The public exhibition ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is being hosted by The Polygon Collective at their newly renovated Les Vardes House premises over the course of 2 days, 17th and 18th April from 10am to 4pm.


Tiffany will also donate 10% of each sale to help local charity, The GSPCA, a cause she holds close to her heart. “I’ve always been a huge animal lover.  My dog, Poppy, is an Italian rescue. I reared her from a tiny pup after finding her abandoned in a small town in Tuscany - she was just days old. I think that the work the GSPCA do is so important and I’d love to give a little back.”


Polygon Collective founder and chairman, Martin Belcher said: ‘We are delighted to support Tiffany and her exhibition. Guernsey arts is an integral part of our community and very much part of Polygon’s ethos and values. To support young talent, grow and be part of it is important to us.’



GSPCA Manager, Steve Byrne said: “We cannot thank Tiffany enough for her support during these difficult times with what should be a fantastic display. With few fundraisers and next to no boarding due to lockdown the GSPCA income has been hit hard and we need the support now more than ever. We are really grateful for the opportunity to showcase our work and animals in need of homes during Tiffany’s exhibition”.


To find out more, please visit !


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