Tiffany Anna is the NEW COVER ARTIST for June '23 MAGZOID International Art Magazine!!





Tiffany Anna was invited to be the cover artist for Magzoid's June 2023 edition! See her exclusive double page feature on their website: 


"Our cover proudly displays the vibrant and captivating artwork of Tiffany Anna, a talented artist renowned for her expert use of color to breathe life into her masterpieces...specializes in the vivid and vibrant use of color to create lively masterpieces."


"Art has always had the power to touch our souls and transport us on incredible journeys, and it will continue to do so. In this edition of Magzoid Magazine, we shed light on the emerging art scene, delving into its rich diversity and showcasing some of the most inspiring artists who have graced us with their incredible stories."





Magzoid is a leading International Art Magazine, best known for their renowned presence in the UAE (including Dubai)!


"MAGZOID is a Luxury Magazine in the Creative Space of the MENA region which has its presence online as well as on the print media. Alongside the art news and coverage of all the remarkable happenings in the art industry, this magazine also provides an opportunity to the artists, art galleries, consultants and curators to be featured in the magazine."