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Article: TA x Richmond Kiosk '23

TA x Richmond Kiosk '23

TA x Richmond Kiosk '23

On a mission to brighten up and bring in some more colour to our beautiful island home, Tiffany Anna has recently collaborated with Richmond Kiosk to create a beautiful sea-themed mural at their iconic Vazon Bay location!
Following positive discussions with the kiosk owners and landlords, Tiffany was given the go-ahead to start working at Richmond Kiosk to create a sea of dancing jellyfish around their kiosk! Starting with a backdrop of deep swirling blues, Tiffany has painted an enchanting original range of her signature jellyfish. These iridescent creatures can be seen swirling around the top of the kiosk, bringing their backdrop instantly to life! Topped off with dazzling layers of opalescent colour to emphasise their marine shimmer, these jellyfish really do catch the sun beautifully! 
Volunteering her own time and materials, alongside a kind donation from Norman Piette, this collaboration marks the official start of Tiffany’s wider mission to bring in some more colour to our island, adding a splash of character to our favourite island hotspots. Aiming to brighten up the Guernsey landscape for locals and tourists alike, Tiffany is targeting the island’s high foot-fall areas to create unique and colourful works of art to further draw in the crowds and celebrate the undeniable beauty of our island home.
More exciting collaborations and ventures are in the works over the upcoming months, so make sure to stay tuned on Tiffany Anna’s instagram and keep an eye out for more bright and colourful additions to our island landscape!


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