TA x Ocean Culture Life '23!! 

This June, Tiffany Anna was invited to participate in Ocean Culture Life's Annual World Oceans Day Fundraiser!!

World Oceans Day is an annual celebration of our beautiful planet. Yet, the day also serves as a platform to raise awareness of our natural world's simultaneous vulnerability. The day seeks to educate and inspire individuals to play their part in protecting and conserving the world around us, protecting our planet for the generations to come.

Ocean Culture Life has been running their successful fundraising event in Jersey for many years, garnering international coverage and reputable standing amongst press and participants. Seeking to make Jersey a hub for Ocean Advocacy, the group have utilised their Channel Islands integral connection to marine life to propel their key message of sustainability into international news.

This year, Tiffany Anna was invited to host a Live Paint event at the new Nude-Food-Dunes beach location. Painting in front of the live audience, Tiffany was able to create one of her original signature Jellyfish on an island which has inspired so many of her marine collections. It was an absolutely magical experience, and raffling off one of Tiff's prized Originals at the end of the night was a beautiful way to end the celebrations.


Notes to Media:

4th June

La Haule Slip, St Aubin, Jersey, JE38BS